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Sunfood Raw Organic Brazil Nuts

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Certified Organic Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts come from enormous, powerful trees that can live for more than 500 years in the Amazon rainforests. They produce large, crisp crescent shaped nuts that have a delectable nutty flavor, with earthy tones and a mild sweetness.

Brazil nuts are widely known for their rich selenium content, which may support a healthy immune system. They also have calcium, manganese, copper and iron, as well as vitamin B1 and E, making them as nutritious as they are tasty!

The Sunfood Difference™

Our raw, certified organic, and certified non-GMO Brazil Nuts are carefully harvested and low temperature dried to preserve delicate enzymes and protect their potent nutrient content. They are never processed or exposed to any chemicals, and are grown far away from industrialized areas.

Hearty enough to snack on by themselves, Brazil Nuts are also the perfect addition to a trail mix or blended into a smoothie for a rich, creamy experience!

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