Haunted Hill Farm Animatronic Witch Halloween Decoration Perspective: front
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Haunted Hill Farm Animatronic Witch Halloween Decoration

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Fate the Fortune Teller is both sinister and snarky. Fate’s body is touch activated, and when triggered, she is quick to make cynical comments. The crystal ball in Fate’s hands flashes a multitude of colors, as do her eyes and tarot cards on her attached velvet tabletop. Fate’s life-sized body is adorned in a veil that frames her ghastly gray face. Her adjustable arms end in slender skeletal hands. The only thing more frightening than Fate’s appearance is her ruthlessness nature.

  • 69 in animatronic witch for indoor and covered outdoor displays
  • Fate is touch activated- body moves, talks, cackles wickedly, and eyes, tarot cards, and crystal ball light up
  • Sinister voice and fiendish laugh greet visitors with three frightening phrases
  • Phrase 1: "Come closer, so that I may see your future. My advice to you is if you're too open minded, your brains will fall out!"
  • Phrase 2: "I sense someone wishes my advice...Oh you're too close to me- step back a bit. Ah, now i can see you. Always remember, a conscience is what hurts when all your other parts feel so good."
  • Phrase 3: "You may come here for my wisdom. I have but one recommendation for you... Eat well and stay fit. You'll die anyway, but at least you'll look better!"