12 Ways to Host Thanksgiving Dinner Like a Pro

Person reading an Ipad with a cooked turkey on the table

Created by: Elisabeth McKnight, Bella the Blog

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, there’s no need to stress. Elisabeth Earnshaw of BellatheBlog.com offers these 12 sanity-saving tips so you can (gasp!) actually enjoy the holiday with your family.

  1. Use bathroom cleaner instead of kitchen cleaner on kitchen counters and sinks for less scrubbing and more sparkling.
  2. Days before the dinner, make the gravy and freeze it. It will thaw beautifully for your Thanksgiving dinner.
  3. Don’t try out new dishes on Thanksgiving – stick to tried-and-true favorites you know your guests will enjoy.
  4. Set the table the night before.
  5. Clean as you go.
  6. Delegate side dishes, desserts and salads to guests. You’re in charge of the bird!
  7. Create a playlist the week before.
  8. Line your pans with foil or parchment paper for easier cleanup.
  9. Double or triple line your trash cans so you won’t have to replace the bags during dinner.
  10. Don't let the dishes sit,or else they will be much harder to clean.
  11. Consider disposable dishes for dessert. Then you won’t have to clean a second time after dinner.
  12. Use a great dishwashing detergent. For a meal with lots of dishes, you’ll want to minimize the cleaning before loading.