Burlap Napkin Rolls

Napkins rolled up with burlap

A welcoming Thanksgiving table sets the tone for the evening. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtful way you’ve presented everything to them—right down to the silverware.

The layered textures in these burlap napkin rolls add a special touch to rolled silverware, making them great accents to both casual and dressy harvest-themed tables. They pack a big impact, but can be assembled in just minutes. Here’s how:

Roll silverware in linen-colored or fall-hued napkins (either cloth or paper) so that the seam of the roll is on the side that will face down. Wrap a 3” strip of burlap ribbon around the napkin, then wrap twine around the burlap several times and finish by tying the twine in a bow on the side facing up. Set at each guest’s place or, if serving buffet style, fan out on a tray and place white flowers at the heel end of the silverware rolls to complete the look.