Tulip Solo

Single red tulips each displayed in a glass vase on a table

If there’s one sure sign of spring, it’s tulips. Poking through the barren ground, they brighten often drab end-of-winter surroundings with their beautiful, vibrant and springy hues.

Whether you grow tulips yourself or find these perennials at the florist or in the floral department of the grocery store, you’ll want to bring their beauty into your home when spring finally arrives.

Arranging a bouquet of colorful tulips in a water-filled vase is the usual display for these harbingers of spring, but you can also add a touch of elegance by placing single flowers in wine glasses (stemmed and stemless) throughout your home. Clustering multiple glasses in one spot makes the display even more powerful.

To create your solo tulip display, cut tulip stems on a diagonal to a length that fits your glasses – you’ll likely need only an inch or so of stem. Fill wine glasses nearly full with water, then swirl in a small amount of plant food or sugar to dissolve. Place one tulip stem in each glass and place glasses on tables, shelves and other surfaces – wherever you want to add that touch of spring. Depending on the shape of your glass, the tulip flower might stand upright or float on its side. Either way, your single blooms will serve as sweet and lovely reminders that spring is finally here!