Living Low Carb in the New Year

A fulfilling and healthy diet

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Here is some food for thought as you start the New Year. Did you know:

  1. Nearly three out of four adults are actively managing their carb intake?
  2. Although 64% of Americans would like to lose weight, the majority of them don’t want to feel forced to adhere to a program?

Diet has become a four-letter word that is neither healthy nor sustainable. So, if you’re part of the majority who are resolving not to diet—the almost 150 million people who have adopted a low carb approach to eating in some form—then you might instead consider joining the group of self-starters who are interested in living a low carb lifestyle. 

Reaching your goal weight is not—or should not be—about dieting. It's about changing your body, and your mind-set, permanently and for the better. It’s actually the opposite of the start-and-stop process that most people consider a diet.

When watching your carbs, the goal is to discover your own personal number for carbohydrate tolerance. It could be anywhere between 30 or 100 grams per day. Whatever it is, it will be your guidance to get the weight off and keep it off.

This way of eating was never intended to be a quick fix, yo-yo diet. The only way to reverse the weight-loss roller coaster you may have experienced in the past is to make a lifestyle change that you can stick with. This will make it possible for your body to function at its highest level, for a lifetime. You’ll be able to enjoy a fulfilling and healthy diet of fish, poultry, meat, vegetables, natural fats, nuts, seeds, berries, Greek yogurt and, eventually, other low-glycemic fruits, legumes and whole grains. Protein-rich snacks like Atkins meal bars can help keep you satisfied if you’re on the go or need something convenient for breakfast.

Avoid refined, sugar-laden junk food and you’ll be eating the way nature intended. Plus, you’ll be that much closer to your goal weight and you’ll be following a method you can live with. You’ll sleep better, have more energy and you’ll naturally want to be more active.

Forget about dieting. Living low carb is a whole new way of life. The difference between just living and living when you're really on your game is dramatic.