Visitors and inhabitants from across the world have influenced the evolution of Caribeño cooking and helped transform the cuisine we know and love today. Get inspired by recipes with a Caribbean twist, shop ingredients tradicionales, plus find savings on everything you need to put some sabor on your table.

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Make these Plantains with Salami & Eggs, it’ll become your new favorite recipe. Watch the video and click here for step-by-step instructions.

It may be close to Central American, but Caribbean cuisine has some subtle, delicious differences. While most of Central America uses corn as the base for tortillas and pastries, Caribbean food favors ground plantains, which are found in nearly every dish, along with white rice and black beans. Plantains are even served with breakfast, as in the Dominican dish Mangú Con Los Tres Golpes, which means plantains with salami and eggs.

Most meals also lean heavily on garlic and cilantro, rather than chiles, for their flavor. Another tasty difference is the inclusion of mangos, papaya and guava – both fresh and cooked – in many dishes.

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