Soda. Pop. Soft drinks. Any way you say it, sparkling sodas are the foundation of every meal or snack. And when you choose the Coca-Cola® family of beverages, the sparkling flavors are endless and include so many refreshment options like regular, low -calorie, no-calorie, caffeinated or caffeine-free.


More Real Coca-Cola® flavor, Still Without any Sugar.

What we are is in the name.

  • Zero calories
  • Zero sugar
  • Same sweet, ice-cold refreshing taste

Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar

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Ready for some Fanta? Yass. More Yasss.

Craving something orange and delicious? Totally.

  • Bright, bubbly and instantly refreshing
  • 100% Natural Flavors
  • Caffeine Free
  • Perfect size for drinking with meals, on the go, or any time

Caffeine Free

Quench Your Thirst For Something Different

Life’s just peachy (or citrusy or cherry) when you experience the remarkably refreshingly taste of Fresca.

  • Calorie Free
  • Sugar-Free
  • Caffeine Free

Cheers to mixing friends with flavor this holiday season thanks to Diet Coke infused Mocktails. Experience absolute artisanship with full flavor and zero alcohol.

Diet Coke® Ginger Lime Yule Mule

This holiday twist on a mule adds angostura bitters to give your drinks a hint of clove and cinnamon that everyone will love. Serve in traditional mule cups and top with cranberries for added holiday flair!

Diet Coke® Mocktail Mixers

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