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Simple Truth™ Eco Friendly Paper Straws
$3.49Pickup, Delivery & Ship Available
Kroger® Neon Flexible Straws
Prices May VaryPickup, Delivery & Ship Unavailable
Kroger®  Flexible Striped Straws
$1.69Pickup & Delivery AvailableShip Out of Stock
Everyday Living® Milkshake Straws
$2.39  discounted from $2.99Pickup & Delivery AvailableShip Unavailable
Everyday Living® Paper Straws - 50 pk
$1.99  discounted from $2.49Pickup & Delivery AvailableShip Out of Stock
Diamond Plastic Cocktail Straws
$3.59Pickup & Delivery AvailableShip Unavailable
LunchSkins Paper Straws 50 Pack
$4.99Ship AvailablePickup & Delivery Unavailable